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Yesss New Year

So, it's finally a new year! Yay. It's not really that different if you think about it, but it does motivate some people. I would like to do more this year, but I get really busy with work and stuff so I get distracted. This is a tiny post for a tiny blog.

Posted Thursday, 17th of January 2019 @ 02:38:08 PM


I'm not exactly a serious gamer, but I do play games on my laptop sometimes. I love Team Fortress 2 a lot, and it's probably one of my favorites. My very favorite, though, is definitely Portal 2. The story itself is just great, and the gameplay is really fun. Portal and Portal 2 are very creative games. I also love Garry's Mod, or GMod. It's so much fun to just do what you want and how you want, and I've always wanted a game like it. When I finally bought it, I was really surprised how close it came to being the game I wished existed. I had even thought about making one on my own, but I wouldn't have enough time to make it really good, so I'm super happy that I actually tried Garry's Mod. If you haven't already, I would recommend you give these games a try. Team Fortress 2 is completely free to play, so give it a try especially if you can. The others are definitely worth the few dollars they cost.

Posted Friday, 30th of November 2018 @ 08:25:37 AM

I love Linux

Linux is so awesome! I switched my main OS on my laptop to Linux and I have loved it. I even got my favorite games running using Wine and Steam proton. I don't know what kind of stuf to post on this blog, but I would like to post more. Maybe I'll do more development stuff or something. Not sure. Anyway, goodbye!

Posted Wednesday, 28th of November 2018 @ 04:54:49 PM


Recently, I was watching this TED talk about advertising and the uses of it. It's actually pretty scary what we could do. If Facebook really wanted, they could significantly change the results of the presidential elections, etc. This almost makes me wonder if they did... but I seriously doubt it. Someone would know, and eventually it would leak and Facebook would be in a lot of trouble. This article talks about the ethics of using AI in advertising. Hopefully that doesn't become a problem.

Posted Friday, 23rd of February 2018 @ 10:36:40 AM

New Blog (or blag)

I just made this nice blog from scratch for fun! I don't know what else it needs... maybe nothing. I almost want to do comments or something, but nobody has accounts. (Don't worry, there are none so you're not missing out ;)

Posted Thursday, 25th of January 2018 @ 07:52:12 PM